Makeup: How to Make your Daytime Look Work for Nighttime

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  • Black eyeliner - mascara is not included in this bare essentials list because it is assumed that you already have it on from your daytime look. Even if you are not wearing mascara, black eyeliner is more dramatic and when applied correctly can make up for a lack of mascara. Start by lining your top lid only. Go as thick or thin as you wish and consider smudging the line for a smoky look once it has been applied. When you are finished with your top lid, decide if you want to line your bottom lid as well. This is an especially dramatic look that is probably more appropriate for a dance club than a romantic dinner.
  • Lipstick - your go-to lipstick should be a shade that is comfortable for you to wear at night or during the day. It is probably a few shades darker than your natural lip color. As long as it is dark enough, you can wear it without lip liner or gloss without worrying.

Taking your daytime makeup look into nighttime shouldn't be too troublesome as long as you're armed with the right products. Also, keep in mind that while nighttime makeup tends to be more dramatic than daytime looks, choose only one feature to really emphasize, otherwise you run the risk of looking too made-up.