Makeup: How to Make your Daytime Look Work for Nighttime

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  • Powder - keep your favorite powder and an applicator close by to help refresh your face for a night out. Blot excess oil with a paper towel or blotting papers and then use powder to even skin tone. If you have it, apply powder with a little shimmer to areas you want to highlight, like your cheekbones and décolletage.
  • Blush - use a slightly darker shade of blush for evening events than what you use in the day.
  • Mascara, eye pencil and eye shadow - to transition your makeup from day to night, apply additional shadow as needed and use the pencil to reinforce the lines you applied in the morning. For nighttime, you might want a slightly thicker or smudged line. Touch up the ends of your lashes with mascara.
  • Lipstick and/or gloss - your nighttime lip shade can be darker and more dramatic than your daytime shade. Even if you don't have a darker shade of lipstick, a different color of gloss can change the whole look.

Determine Which Feature to Highlight

While it is true that nighttime looks are usually more dramatic than daytime ones, be careful not to go overboard layering on new makeup. Before you start the process, determine which feature you want to highlight and go from there. Most women choose to focus on either their eyes or their lips.