Makeup: How to Make your Daytime Look Work for Nighttime

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If you choose your eyes, keep your lips simple. Stick with a nude or slightly tinted gloss, but don't line your lips or use a dark shade of lipstick. If you're trying to play up your lips, keep your eyes basic. Use mascara on the top lashes only and don't use a heavy liner.

Pay Attention to Lighting

If you are applying makeup in the harsh fluorescents of your office or the dim, spotty lights of your car, keep in mind how the atmosphere differs from the place you are going. Most likely, your nighttime destination is a bar, restaurant or party with relatively dim lighting. The eyeliner you apply might not look quite as bold in a dark theatre. The dark lipstick you chose may appear less dramatic over a candlelight dinner. If possible, bring your makeup kit with you and check yourself in the mirror as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Remember the True Essentials

What if you don't have an entire makeup kit with you or available? There are 3 absolute essentials that will help you transition your daytime makeup to nighttime in a pinch.

Those are:

  • Concealer - concealer is your best friend when you quickly try to put on a great face for a night out. Apply the concealer under your eyes for an automatic refresh. By covering any dark circles or makeup smudges, you will suddenly appear awake and alert. You can also use concealer as a spot treatment to disguise blemishes.