Roasted Chicken Thighs: Recipes That Rock

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In search of easy weekday dinners that the whole family loves? Give those chicken breasts a rest and look no further than roasted chicken thighs. They are flavorful, juicy, tender and delicious. 

The best part? Chicken thighs are an economical cut, and they're super-easy to prepare. You don't need to be a culinary expert to pull off a great meal that looks like it took hours of slaving in the kitchen. Chicken thighs are so versatile that you can make different versions of roasted chicken thighs more than once a week! 

"There are numerous ways to prepare delicious, nutritious, thoughtful meals. And by thoughtful meals, I mean meals that don't intimidate, that are easy and fun to prepare, that are flavorful, exciting, and good for the soul, and that you can stretch," said Cristina Ferrare, author of Big Bowl of Love: Delight Family and Friends With More Than 150 Simple, Fabulous Recipes, according to The Toronto Star. Endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, she swears by her "fall-off-the-bone" chicken thigh recipe.