Put a New Twist on Your Hair
Today's Beauty Tip
You don't have to be in France to do as the French do, especially when it comes to your hair. The French twist is actually a hairstyle you can tackle that doesn't require a stint in beauty school. The 'do is one of those elegant styles that... Read More
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Hair Removal Products
It seems there's always a new hair removal product being plugged in women's magazines, department stores or on TV infomercials. Most...
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 Suit up Stylishly in the Workplace
Long gone are the days of the stuffy pants suit, shoulder pads up to here and a sea of gray, black and navy. Today’s workingwoman...
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What’s Really Staining Your Teeth (and How to Fight It)
There’s a popular TV commercial that claims that “if you’re not whitening, you’re yellowing,” but what...
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