Getting Your Kids to Try New Things

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Demonstrate Patience

The worst thing you can do to introduce your child to something new is to become impatient. If a child senses that you are angry or upset, it will only create tears or a battle. Younger children especially take their time getting used to new foods. By reintroducing the new food more than once, you give your child an opportunity to explore it.

Don't Focus On Taste

Try not to focus on taste. Parents who insist that something tastes good are creating the setting for a food battle. Make the food sound interesting by talking about the color, shape or how it feels in your fingers.

Be Creative

With a little creativity, you can make trying new foods more enjoyable. Vegetables can be served with a dip. Some foods can be cut into fun shapes with cookie cutters. Switch things around and try serving breakfast for dinner.

You can even be creative and make the meal more appealing by setting a special table setting. Or instead of sitting at the table, have a picnic in the living room or outdoors. You can also play restaurant, enlisting the help of your child as a waiter. Make the mood of eating fun and enjoyable.