Getting Your Kids to Try New Things

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The time of day can also play a part. Some children prefer a bigger breakfast while other children may just pick at their food. Once you figure out the meal and time of day that your child especially enjoys, use that as an opportunity to try something new.

In the summer, when it's really hot outside, children tend to drink more than they eat. Keep in mind the time of year and how the weather outside may affect their appetites. Since active play often brings on hunger that may be another opportunity to introduce something new.

Create a Meal Routine

A consistent meal routine trains your child to be hungry at certain times of the day. If you serve meals and snacks around the same time every day, they will come ready to eat. This may be a good way to introduce new foods.

Eliminate drinks, other than water, and snacks for at least an hour before each meal. This will ensure your child is hungry at mealtime. Also be sure to offer a variety of foods at each meal.