Getting Your Kids to Try New Things

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Involve Your Children

Get your children involved by inviting them to pick out something new on your next trip to the grocery store. Children like to make their own choices, which can make trying something new easier.

Involve your children in food preparation. If they help cut, rinse or stir, they may be more inclined to try what they have helped to make.

Mix It In

You can always mix in new foods with sauces, creams and dips. Try new things on top of casseroles, pastas and cereals. With a little creativity, you can add new things in to your child's old favorites.

Make Only One Meal

Some parents will make more than one meal in order to make everyone happy. This is a sure way to create a picky eater who is never willing to try something new. Stick with making only one meal and offering only that one meal.

Over time, your child will come to realize that this is the only meal they are being served at that time and will more likely get used to it.