Hair Removal Products

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Many men swear by electric shavers, and there's no reason we ladies can't get into the act, too. While electric shavers don't provide as close a shave as manual razors, they can be better suited for women with sensitive skin. You can simply steal your significant other's electric shaver but it is way better to have one that's designed just for you.

The Panasonic Close Curves ES2216PC (average price $49.99) is a pretty, pink women's electric shaver that can be used wet or dry. It glides over curves and gives you the closest shave an electric shaver can offer.

High Tech Hair Removal

Some women aren't satisfied with everyday hair removal methods and seek out more permanent hair removal strategies instead. Laser hair removal is considered the best option for permanent results, but there are other, less costly ways of achieving long-lasting smoothness at home.

Home electrolysis can be a time consuming and somewhat painful process no matter what type of system you choose but The Vector (average price $199.95) has been touted as the most user-friendly home electrolysis product available today. This product uses a tweezer-like grasping device to conduct a small current of electricity to the unwanted hair, killing it immediately. This method isn't 100% painless but it's certainly no worse than the discomfort that accompanies salon waxing.

Or you could try the No No, one of the hottest hair removal trends out there right now. The No No is a small portable device that conducts controlled heat to hair, crystallizing the hair and causing it to fall away. This patented thermodynamic technology is safe, painless and effective.