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Thursday, October 30, 2014

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Do You Love the '80s?: Music How well do you know the tunes of the 1980's?
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Are You Going To Be A Success? To succeed or not succeed, that is the question.
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Are You A Culinary Ace? If you can't stand the heat, our quiz will show you...
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Tricks for Safe Treats

In the quest for candy, be sure your kids know some of the top ways to stay safe and have…

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Style & Beauty

Ho-Hum Halloween Costume?

Rock a Halloween costume that's truly original by adding your own unique touches. Here are some ideas.

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Diet & Fitness

How to Control Candy Consumption

With Halloween upon us, it's even more difficult to resist those sweet cravings. Here are seven tricks to enjoy your…

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Quiz Central

I Want Candy

Halloween kicks off the holiday treat free-for-all that culminates in extra pounds to kick off the New Year. How much…

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Danger Ahead? The Scary Signs of a Bad Palm Reader

Avoid the bad fortune of using a terrible palm reader. Give yourself a hand and know when to run from…

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Food & Recipes

The Candy Apple of Your Eye

Why not take a little break from all that candy with homemade candy apples? Everyone gets a little sweet with…

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Love & Sex

Let the Good Times Role: How to Dress Up for Success

Sometimes role-playing can spice up an otherwise ho-hum sex life. Here are a few ways to make things sexy.

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Updated October 30, 2014
Daily Recipe:
Cheesy Sausage & Spinach Bake

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Pop Quiz

Halloween kicks off the holiday treat free-for-all that culminates in extra pounds to kick off the New Year. How much do you know about reducing your caloric intake and enjoying the season? Find out some scary facts about candy ...