Ladies: How to Get The Perfect Shave

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Basic Tools

The most important part of your shaving routine is of course your razor. While you might be tempted to buy a large bag of cheap, disposable, discount store shavers, they will likely yield poor results. They can be hard to handle, rough on delicate skin, and not sharp enough to do the job. If getting a nice smooth shave is important, you should invest in good triple blade women's shavers. There are a variety of these available at pharmacies; the brand you choose is entirely up to you. Some excellent choices include the Gillette Venus and the Bic Soleil. Look for extras like easy grip handles and moisturizing blades. While these shavers may cost a few dollars more, they are mostly worth it, and they last much longer than the cheapest brands.

Your tub or shower is one of your key shaving tools. Warm water helps soften hair and open pores so you can get the closest shave possible. Shaving in the tub tends to be easiest because you don't have to do as much fancy maneuvering to reach your legs or other areas, but with practice, it's possible to do a quick stand-up shave that looks and feels just fine. Be sure to have a no-slip shower mat in place before trying to shave in the shower. If you have issues with balance or flexibility, having shower grips or a shower chair can make the shaving process a lot safer and easier for you.

Shaving cream or gel is an extra you might want to look into. It helps the razor to glide easily over the skin and helps protect against nicks and razor burn. It also gives you a visual aid to help you determine where you have already shaved and what areas still need to be done. You might not need shaving cream if you use a rich, creamy body wash and a razor with a moisturizing blade, but whatever you do, never shave dry or with a drying soap.