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This fresh appetizer will beat store-bought hummus every time without a lot of effort. Try it served with vegetables and pita triangles.

Feeling saucy? This chili sauce is downright delish. For a variation, mix with mayonnaise and a little bit of milk and use it as a salad dressing.


Slowly but surely, this chili is just the thing. Serve this vegetarian dish with guacamole, tortilla chips, Cheddar cheese and sour cream. Spice things up tonight.

This soup is simple, spicy and 100% vegetarian. One spoonful of this scrumptious stew and you won't care where the beef is. It's sure to meet your standards.

Not just good granola, this homemade treat comes from the heart. This is a hundred percent vegan granola… no milk, no butter, no diary products at all!

Want something that goes down nice and smooth? Guacamole is just the ticket. Although it's often eaten with tortilla chips, it can be spooned onto or into almost any savory Mexican dish. Lighten up your meal with a side that's not the pits.

Get chill with dill. Serve this as a dressing for chilled vegetables. Perfect for party platters and snacks.

Need something healthy to go with broccoli and cabbage? Well, the Milky Dressing will do the body good. For the health conscious, this is a superb choice.

This salad is a special one and comes with cubes of crusty bread, olives, basil and more! Tomayto, tomahto, what's the difference? It's tasty either way....

Take a lesson from Bugs Bunny and get yourself a batch of carrots. Although carrots play the leading role, there are plenty of vegetables as a supporting cast.

Ready for some veggies? The Exquisite Garden Salad is just the thing for you. Who needs meat when you have this tasty recipe?

Finito! You'll be saying that in no time with this tasty Italian recipe full of tomato, and other tasty seasonings. Bring a little bit of Italy into your home now!

Made to serve with a number of delicious dishes, the eggplant salad is nothing short of sweet. Impress your friends and family with this lesser made recipe.

Honey, I'm home! This delicious dressing will please all of your guests for its tasteful charm and health conscious recipe. Made as part of any kind of pleasing salad, people are buzzing about this honey dressing.

If you're thinking of vegging out for dinner, then this Asian Tahini dressing is a great way to go. Marinate your favorite veggies is this delightful dressing.

Ready for a tangy treat for your salad? This fresh basil vinaigrette is ideal when you're searching for a way to dress up your favorite greens.

It's time to put your tastebuds to the test. This ginger and onion concoction makes for a winning combination that's second to none. You'll not find a more satisfying store-bought brand.

This tangy dressing is a real treat when you compare it to the same old store-bought brands. For an extra boost in flavor, kick in some ginger and clove. Add some ginger and clove to this classic dressing.

It's time to make a Honey Dill list. These great-tasting ingredients will go over so well when you pour them over your favorite fresh produce.

This delightful dressing goes well with Pork Pinwheels with fruit stuffing or with grilled chicken and coarse chopped pecans on top. It can even stand alone on its own.