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When you're in the mood for a smashingly good side dish, these creamy, dreamy taters will satisfy your hunger. You'll love every spoonful.

This is perfect for St. Patrick's Day or any other cold day of the year. It will fill you up and keep you warm and satisfied.

This is a hardy meal your whole family will enjoy. It's also a great dish to serve at a dinner party.

You're about to find out where the beef is. If you're the meat and potatoes type, this shepherd's pie recipe will have plenty of appeal. A favorite comfort food, your family and friends are certain to come back for seconds or thirds.

You haven't lived until you've had a taste of this heavenly Caribbean dish. This is the reason why Jamaican food lovers are always smiling!

This well-known Spanish dish can be made in a variety of ways. It's full of flavor and very tasty.

This delicious quick and easy Irish meal will satisfy the palate and have you coming back for seconds.

Looking for your favorite burrito but want it to be healthier? Just make a few changes and you have will a great meal; reduce your sodium intake and enjoy this genuine Mexican flavor!

It's chicken and spice and everything nice. When you're in the mood for a Tex-mex classic, these should easily come to mind.


We know cooking with bacon grease is passé, but in this case there’s no substitute for the rich flavor it brings to this dish. You'll be ahead of the game when you give this corned beef and cabbage dish a try.

When traditional fajitas get old, try this new recipe on for size. A combination of chicken and shrimp, this Latin-infused dish offers the best of both worlds -- poultry and seafood.

This decadent pumpkin butter is not just a Halloween dish! This recipe will make 6 jars so you'll have some for all year round. Consider keeping one for the spring... if you can resist the temptation not to use it earlier!

An "out of the ordinary" potato salad with turkey hot dogs, pickles, scallions, hard-boiled eggs, and sweet peas. All of the ingredients are finely chopped and dressed with mayonnaise. It's got plenty of a-peel.

Your friends and family will gladly pay you Tuesday for this gourmet hamburger today. Sink your teeth into this juicy jalapeno burger. One bite and you'll realize it's heaven on a bun.

Contrary to what the song says, you should put the lime in the DIP, you nut. This tangy and refreshing dip is a perfect way to introduce fish or meat.

The nuts retain moisture and flavor in the fish and add a pleasing texture and taste. It has a great taste you'll go nuts for... so snap it up!


Bite-sized pieces of salmon to savor! What could be better than that? This dish is swimming in great taste. Enjoy it as an appetizer or as a main meal. When seafood meets Mexican cuisine, this is the kind of gourmet goodness you get.



Do you prefer sausage or mushroom on your pizza? Well, with this great recipe, you won't have to choose. This entree combines the flavors of mushroom and sausage along with a rich, zesty tomato sauce.

If you are expecting vegan dinner guests, start your meal off safely with this delicious and healthy appetizer. Or, even if you aren't expecting vegan dinner guests, your guests will enjoy this delicious and healthy appetizer.

Shall we salsa? Dip your favorite tortilla in this spicy salsa and enjoy its Southwestern flavors. It will make your taste buds want to dance!

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