What's Your Astrological Sign?

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This article isn't meant to offend those who truly believe that astrology rules the earth and the lives that inhabit it. There are people who put all of their faith in astrology and doing so has helped them cope with a great many things. This article is meant to introduce people to new astrology ideas. Everyone knows about sun signs and love signs and most people have figured out whether or not a Gemini will do well by marrying a Scorpio.

How many people, though, have thought to base their herbal remedies on astrology?

Have you been feeling depressed lately? Try the plants that are ruled by Jupiter -- they are known to help people retain a positive outlook. Jupiter's plants are large and always edible, like Burdock.

Do you want have issues with your subconscious mind? Are your dreams bothering you? Perhaps you should look into the moon's plants. The moon's plants are typically white or pale yellow and have juicy or moon shaped leaves. The usually live near the water, like watercress or peppermint.

The truth is that astrology rules more than most people want to give it credit for. While many people may dismiss astrology as being something "fun" or "weird" these same people have a hard time explaining why so many astrological predictions turn out to be true.