Use of Breathing Techniques in Reiki

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by Richard Johnson

In Reiki, breathing techniques and methods are one of the devices used to help with a change of energy flow and healing. Learning the breathing techniques in Reiki is one of the first steps in knowing how to use the energy change process for healing. Reiki utilizes what they call deep breathing techniques. These techniques allow you to become more conscious of the chakras that are being accessed to promote healing. It also allows you to more easily tap into the universal energies.

The first type of breathing to utilize when practicing Reiki breathing is the short breath. This is how most people regularly breathe. It consists of breathing through the nose and feeling the upper part of the lungs before exhaling. You will want to recognize the inhaling as universal energy and exhaling as a release of negative energies. The second step in breathing is filling your lower body in the location of the stomach and diaphragm. When inhaling, you should notice your belly expanding. When you exhale, your stomach should shrink. This filling of your body in this way is considered to be a full breath that is often used in meditation. The third breathing technique includes picturing that you are filling your rib cage with air. This constitutes a complete full breath. When you are breathing completely, you should be filling first your lungs, then your diaphragm, and then allowing the breath to expand into your ribs. This will slow you down in order to allow you to call the universal energies with the help of deep breathing.

One aspect of the breathing technique in Reiki is imagining these breaths in relation to light. When inhaling, you should imagine a light filling your different chakras through the breath. With your mind and thoughts, you can move the light into any desirable area. This will help you start circulation of the various energies that have previously been blocked. Many people use these breathing techniques not only in Reiki, but also during various types of meditation. When concentrating on the breath, one is able to become in a more relaxed state. There will also be a change in one's level of consciousness. In doing this, they will permit the universal energies to begin flowing through them, while using the Reiki technique.