Start Shopping for the Perfect Coat
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If you're dreading the day when it comes time to drag out that puffer jacket from 2005 or your drab black peacoat, then it may be time to invest in a new winter coat. You'll want to consider your climate and how cold it gets, of course, but... Read More
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Mousse is a versatile foam hair-styling product that can be used on most hair types with great success. When it's first dispensed from...
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Mineral Makeup
Mineral makeup is the miracle cosmetic. It works on all skin types and doesn't contain dyes, chemicals, filters or oils. It's as close to...
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Long-Wearing Lipsticks and Glosses
If you want a long-wearing lipstick or gloss, you're a girl who takes her glamour seriously. No matter what your day throws at you, you...
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