What to Ask Before a Nip and Tuck
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Sure, it's probably best to celebrate all your flaws and embrace yourself as you are, but for those who are dead-set on making a change to their appearance, there is nothing more permanent than cosmetic surgery. And as frequently as it's done... Read More
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Long-Wearing Lipsticks and Glosses
If you want a long-wearing lipstick or gloss, you're a girl who takes her glamour seriously. No matter what your day throws at you, you...
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How to do Morning Makeup in Minutes: Tips for a Fast Face
We'd love to be able to take the time to apply an impeccable coat of makeup each morning, but it's not always realistic. There are so...
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Applying Makeup on Your Wedding Day
There are many ways through which women seek beauty. The top two main ways today include the application of makeup and undergoing...
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