5 Reasons Why You Need to Forget Your Ex Before Starting a New Relationship

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4) Don't Jump the Gun

It is important that when you get into another relationship you're mentally and physically ready. It makes no sense getting into one and then pondering over your past. It will not only anger the other person but also make them feel insulted. If you've had a break up its no reason to not give the other person their due amount of love and affection.

5) Comparisons with Your Ex

If you're lost in thoughts of your ex, the chances of you comparing your partner with your ex would increase. Each person is different and their ways of reacting to a situation are different, if you aren't over your ex you may unknowingly start talking about the way your ex dealt with the situation. This would mean hurting your partner and also disrespecting her. So it's not a good idea to meet anyone until you've got your ex out of your mind.

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