Is He in Love?

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Getting a man to say that elusive L word is like getting him to throw his dirty clothes in the hamper sometimes. So if he won't say he loves you, then look for signs that indicate his love for you. What if he'll say it, but his actions don't really indicate love? Here are some indications that he means what he says - or wants to say. First, he accepts and loves the parts of you that maybe aren't so lovable, in your opinion. Perhaps you hate your habit of rolling your eyes or playing with your hair. A guy who cares about you probably finds those quirks endearing. It may seem like he's playing 20 questions, but a guy who is falling for you will ask a lot of questions about you, your day, your family, your likes and name it. If he's talking about you, then he's interested in you. Is he doing lots of snuggling - and not in a way that indicates he wants the snuggling to go further?