How to Pick the Best Lingerie for You

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Breaking out some sexy underthings is a great way to get your partner in the mood and really ramp up the passion. But not just any lacy thing will do when you're outfitting yourself for serious romance. If you want to surprise your man with something he'll love and something that will make you feel comfortable, read on to learn how to choose the best lingerie for you. First, if you plan to wear it under your clothing, be sure it doesn't have parts that will make your clothes ill-fitting, like fur trim or a lace-up corset with a bow that will look bumpy under a clingy shirt. Consider the clasps, hooks, snaps and other fasteners - are they too complicated for your partner to figure out and get undone? Nothing kills the mood more than getting stuck in your gorgeous getup while he struggles to get it undone. Perhaps if you're planning to perform a striptease, some complicated clasps could make it that much sexier, as you build anticipation by slowly unfastening your outfit.