How to Pick the Best Lingerie for You

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Be sure to check out the material of any lingerie you're considering. Again, if you're planning to wear it under clothing, it shouldn't be made of cheap polyester that won't allow for ventilation. Itchy lace will keep you scratching - definitely not sexy. Go with material that makes you comfortable. Finally, consider your body type. Play up your strengths and feel free to keep your trouble spots covered. Whatever you do, don't point out how terrible you think your thighs look or if your tummy hangs over your panties a bit - all it will do is kill his desire because at this point, he's probably so thrilled to see you in something sexy, those little flaws won't even matter. Remember to include some pretty accessories to finish the look, like high heels, stockings and jewelry. If you feel comfortable and sexy in the ensemble, it will show - and turn him on even more!