Fun Workouts for Both of You

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Whether you and your mate are devoted gym rats or are looking for a way to start working out and get healthier together, there are lots of ways to make your joint workout fun and productive. Maybe you two haven't always been on the same page when it comes to your workout style. If he's always at the weights, while you burn off the calories on the treadmill, there are still ways to enjoy a little time getting physical with another outside the bedroom. Check out some of these fun ways to get fit together. If you're feeling a little shy about working out at the gym, then it's easy to invest in some inexpensive equipment that'll give you both a good workout and build your confidence. Start with a large exercise ball, a couple of sets of dumbbells and a medicine ball or two. There are some great stretches that increase flexibility, if that's your - or his - goal. Try sitting with your legs spread, feet touching and facing each other, then hold hands. Gently lower yourself backwards, allowing him to support you by holding your hands.