5 Ways to Be More Attractive

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Let's face it - in order to attract someone from afar, it helps to be easy on the eyes. But being attractive is highly subjective for most people looking for love. Not everyone has the same "type," and not even the most conventionally "hot" person will appeal to everyone. But there are some across-the-board things anyone can do to make themselves that much more physically attractive to others. The way you think about yourself and the confidence you have in yourself have a huge impact on how others view you. Body language that exudes confidence definitely makes you more attractive. Make an effort to keep your head up and make eye contact with potential mates. Locking eyes with someone from across the room lets the person know you're interested in him or her and that it's OK to approach you. Likewise, good posture conveys confidence and grace and helps you make that eye contact instead of diverting your eyes down to the floor.