Do Express Workouts Work?

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Consider these benefits and drawbacks of express workouts:

Benefits of Express Workouts

Express workouts available at Curves fitness centers and other workout stations can help you keep up with your commitment to a healthier lifestyle by incorporating basic exercises into your weekly routine. You'll find simple cardio and weight training exercises here, routines designed to elevate your heart rate and get your circulation going. Express workouts can:

  • Give you a break from a hectic day
  • Allow you to focus on fitness in the middle of your usual routine
  • Give you chance to socialize with other exercise enthusiasts
  • Give your core muscle groups a quick workout
  • Increase your metabolism for a short period of time

Drawbacks of Fast Track Fitness Routines

While express workouts do offer several benefits, they also have some drawbacks. Some of the downsides of fast-track fitness routines include: