The Best Foods for Acne
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Fight breakouts from the inside out. If acne is a problem for you, then you might think those stereotypical foods - chocolate, greasy pizza, etc. - are causing it. That may be the case if all you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner is junk,... Read More
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How to Spot a Real Pearl in a Sea of Fakes
If you are a woman, chances are you know the difference between real and fake pearls, and could spot one just about anywhere given a...
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What Is Retinol?
So what is Retinol? It is one of the animal forms of Vitamin A. it is both an alcohol and diterpenoid. However, it is convertible to...
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How to Take Care of Your Eyebrows with Tweezers
Tweezing is the most inexpensive way to remove unwanted hair. A pair of Tweezers will cost between two to five dollars, but the effect of...
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