Blacklist Blackheads Forever
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Comedones are the scientific name for them, but if you suffer from blackheads, you want to call them gone as soon as possible. Ugly blackheads form when pores get clogged with oil and debris, such as old makeup or dead skin cells. During... Read More
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Facts To Know About Perfume
Perfume (Latin "per fume" meaning "through smoke") was highly favored by the Egyptians, Romans, and Arabs. In East Asia, perfumes were...
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Showing Off Your Smile
Ever since you were a little child, you probably had parents that would always tell you to make sure to brush your teeth. Kids do not...
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Dos And Don'ts Of Perfume
Since time immemorial, perfume is the object of both men and women's fascination. We love to smell good and perfume with its captivating...
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