Outfit 911: Your Clothing First Aid Kit

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We've all been there. You're dressed to the nines, and you spill your fancy dinner on the dress you so painstakingly picked out for the special occasion. Or you're headed to an interview and notice that your hem has fallen. Perhaps you've fallen victim to the dreaded wardrobe malfunction. Regardless of your apparel emergency, a few of these pitfalls can be avoided or fixed by carrying a "first-aid kit" for your clothing. Just like you might carry Band-Aids or aspirin in your purse for little health emergencies, there are several items that come in handy in a pinch. First and foremost, safety pins can save you a lot of embarrassment and exposure. Whether it's a popped button, too-cleavagey shirt or a busted zipper, you can probably fix any gape or hole with a pin. Plus, they're tiny and portable - just stick a few in your purse pocket or zipped area of your wallet. Another fix you can stick with is dress tape. Basically, dress tapes are thin, precut strips of flexible double-sided tape that affixes to your skin and clothing.