Dress Your Child Like a Celebri-kid

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We look to celebrities regularly for fashion inspiration and to learn about the latest trends. Dressing your little ones doesn't have to be any different. The children of fashion-forward celebrities are often passed down a great sense of style that you can use as a reference when ditching the boring kids' clothes and opting for star style.

Upscale children's clothing boutiques and specialty lines have become increasingly popular, and the kids' clothing industry is booming. Magazines and television shows often focus solely on the fashion choices of famous tots like Suri Cruise, the Beckham boys, Kingston Rossdale and Jaden Smith.

Many celebrities also dress their children in matching "mini-me" outfits with pint-sized versions of runway and designer looks. If your child is a budding fashionista or aspires to be in the entertainment business, you can get the party started by incorporating these trendy ideas into their wardrobe.