Baby Music Adults Will Love, Too

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You can't stand the suggestive lyrics in your tween's favorite music, but your preschooler's Wiggles obsession drives you batty. It's tough to explain to a child terms like "sexy," "booty" and "hooking up," but it seems like that (and worse) is all over the airwaves. And if you catch yourself humming "Best of Both Worlds" at another office meeting, you'll just die. So is there a happy medium for families who enjoy listening to music together? Luckily, there are more musical acts than ever getting in on the family music genre. You can even find your old favorites repurposed into family songs and great artists and bands who specifically cater to the younger set now that their rock-n-roll days are over. For example, rockers They Might Be Giants, Barenaked Ladies, Lisa Loeb and Ziggy Marley devote much of their time to creating family-friendly music. It's a great way to introduce the little ones to your "cool" music. The Rockabye Baby series offers parents of babies - and those who like to use music to quiet their big kids at night - a way to enjoy their favorite bands while listening to soothing lullabies.