Hey, Jealousy! Ways to Avoid the Green Monster

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Your new boyfriend is phenomenal - great-looking, funny, lots of fun and ambitious. He's quite a catch, and you know it. And you think perhaps that girl he hangs out with from work knows it, too. Perhaps that blonde in his Facebook picture thinks he's as great as you do. Why was he even tagged with that skank, anyway? Hang on a minute. It can be easy to get hung up in the throes of jealousy for a lot of women, but you can head off the green monster and potentially save your relationship with a few tips. It's normal to feel a twinge or two if, say, his ex-girlfriend calls out of the blue or when he gets female attention in public. But if you're chronically jealous, it can have a negative impact on your relationship. First, step back and ask yourself why you feel jealous.