Divorce: Who Gets the Friends?

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In a split, be it amicable or acrimonious, it's the division of assets and child custody that typically get the most attention when dealing with closure. While those issues are usually addressed in court, one thing that isn't openly discussed is who gets the friends. Unfortunately, someone is always going to be on the losing end of this fight. Although there aren't any set guidelines in dealing with the custody of friends, there are some common-sense tactics to consider. One major factor is who caused the end of the relationship. If one party cheated or did something else dishonest, he or she will probably lose friends because other people are more likely to sympathize with the victim than the bad guy or girl. If the decision to part ways was mutual, there is the potential for remaining friends with both people. But there should always be a loyalty to the person who was a friend before the relationship blossomed.