5 Signs It's Time to Dump Him

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Maybe you think you're just going through a rough patch, or you've recently had a big argument with your mate. Regardless, if that little voice in your head is hinting that maybe you'd be better off without him, then perhaps you should listen up. Obviously, there are clear-cut signs that it's time to kick him to the curb, like cheating, substance abuse or other serious issues. But there are also a few more subtle ways that let you know it's time to consider breaking up. First, take a look at the way you fight. When arguments get meaner - using profanity and other words to try to hurt one another - or become more public, like fighting in front of friends, then it's time to consider some time off. If you notice your man spending a lot of time on the computer, particularly when he thinks you're not around, or texting and checking his phone messages excessively, then he might be up to no good. Conversely, if you find yourself hunting around his Internet history or checking who's been calling and texting his phone, then it's obvious you have some suspicions about him that need to be addressed.