Important planetary aspects of the day:
Moon quincunxes Mercury; Moon quintiles Saturn; Moon quintiles Pluto; Moon quincunxes Mars; Moon sesquiquadrates Venus.

Recommended attitudes/ strategies for the day:
Absent-minded errors during the morning hours can prove costly for your prospects. Conservative strategies will be more productive than mindlessly radical moves. Afternoon of this day is a good time for product presentations, power luncheons, and for signing major international/ corporate agreements. Keep emotions out of the way while taking crucial financial decisions during the evening hours. Try surprising your loved ones with unexpected sweet gestures to pep up your relationship dynamics.

Activities that are highly favoured:
Sowing seeds; removing weeds from fields/ gardens; initiation into advanced spiritual practices; audit/ appraisal works; metallurgical/ alchemical experiments; operating on malignancies; discussing legal strategies.

Activities that are preferably avoided:
Surgery on the reproductive organs; lending/ borrowing money; long journeys.

General numerological guidance for the day:
2 and 7 borns will enjoy better luck than others.