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Thursday, July 29, 2021
The moon continues its journey through fiery Aries while forming an alliance to healing asteroid Chiron this morning. The energy here should help you recharge your batteries, allowing you to take on the day feeling refreshed.

Unfortunately, you could feel a little overwhelmed as action planet Mars faces off with expansive Jupiter. Your ambition is high, but remember that you don't have to take on every task simultaneously in order to be successful. Trying to take care of too many things at once could lead to mistakes that will be hard to recover from later. Don't worry, though, this energy won't last all day.

A significant shift occurs this afternoon when Mars moves into efficient Virgo, adding an element of organization to our lives. If you feel like you've been a bit messy with your goals and responsibilities recently, now would be a good time to sit down and map out a to-do list.

You may also find that you're more focused on being healthier in the coming weeks as you look for ways to improve your endurance. Keep in mind that staying committed to a regular eating, exercise, and sleeping schedule can go a long way toward elevating your energy level.

There is a playful energy in the air as the day comes to a close, so go ahead and let down your hair and have some fun!' 
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