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Sunday, October 18, 2020
The overall energy rating is 3. There are challenges being thrown at you, and there's no time to sleep until you get the job done!

Today is completely full of a plethora of astrological aspects that require you to take the day one hour at a time. The diplomatic Libra sun is in a square with Saturn in commanding Capricorn, carrying forward an organized decision based on your career path and financial prosperity. It does require that you follow the rules in some capacity, and even play into the game—just for now—until you get on your feet.

These planetary alignments are also highly motivational in order to change the outcome of your personal reality. If you don't like something about yourself and the trajectory of your life, it's time to really dig in those heels and go forward with your plans. Your wants and desires expand with reverence as Venus in Virgo trines Jupiter in Capricorn. You can do this, but you have to pay attention to the hard work!

The goddess planet is extremely active—also opposing Neptune—keeping the dream alive and making sure you don't stop at the first hiccup. This is an absolute test of your commitment, and that means the universe is going to throw curveballs your way almost immediately. Do you really want this? Well, you've got to prove it both to the world and most importantly to yourself! The more you push yourself in the beginning of the day, the more you can rest in the evening as the waxing crescent moon in passion-filled Scorpio enters the void-of-course phase.
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