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Saturday, October 17, 2020
The overall energy rating is 2. You are being unpeeled from the inside out!

You're diving into the swampy depths throughout much of the day. The waxing crescent moon enters watery Scorpio this morning, providing an emotional lubricant to a multitude of issues that have been stuck beneath the surface.

You are far more psychic these days, but with all these squares it can be difficult to really tell what it is you're feeling and what someone else is projecting onto you. Many people are running on high, and even the most detached of personalities is unable to really pull away from the magnetism all that easily.

As retrograde Mars in challenging Aries begins to square Jupiter in authoritative Capricorn, you might even feel emotionally drained. The lunar position in the sign of the Scorpion is not holding back at all. In fact, many will feel like they are reduced to a puddle of vulnerability in many different circumstances.

These current transits ask everyone to have faith and see clearly through the darkness. Many would even deem these aspects times when one enters their "dark night of the soul," which is an experience meant to strengthen your soul from the inside out. This can also present a multitude of challenges at once in every single detail of your life. No rock is left unturned, and for a greater purpose. Making sure that you pay close attention to your health is all part of the process. Checking in with loved ones and keeping a gratitude list can help you see that you are making exponential progress on a daily basis.
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