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Monday, July 6, 2020
The moon is now waning in Aquarius, which means creative problem solving should be a breeze for the most part. This is useful to you, because there's a heaviness in the early morning when the moon conjoins Saturn, likely leading you to worry about matters in the home. Keep in mind that there is strength in vulnerability, so don't be afraid to communicate the issues.

Another helpful transit is when the moon sextiles Mars this afternoon, giving you a much more playful energy for dealing with things and the confidence to tackle any task. The warm determination you exude will attract people to you left and right.

This continues as the moon trines Venus this evening. People find you appealing right now, and it will be very difficult for anyone to tell you no. This is a great day to ask for something special from someone.

However, don't let your competitiveness get the better of you when Mars is quintile Jupiter. You may think you have a very strong opinion in the latter half of the day, but your temper could easily blow things out of proportion, especially when the moon squares Uranus later tonight.
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