Emergency Food Supplies: What You Need

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by Kate Johns

Tornado season, hurricane season, earthquakes, snowstorms -- these are just a few natural occurrences that can change your life in a flash. It is always best to be prepared for the eventuality that your family may be without electricity and heat or a home for a few weeks.

Emergency services may knock on your front door in the middle of the night to alert you to impending doom of a flood, a fire ravaging through the backwoods or a tornado coming your way. You may have to gather up your family and a few precious belongings in a matter of minutes. And if you decide to stay home and stick it out, then you'll need to be prepared.

What kinds of foods will you need in case of an emergency situation? You will need foods that can weather any kind of storm including water, cold, heat and wind. You will need to find at least two large, portable plastic containers that are easy to grab. They must be airtight containers that will keep the food fresh and free from harm.

You will need foods that are nutritious and that consider every family member's needs. Little kids may not be able to eat beef jerky or anything that isn't loaded with sugar or corn syrup. Start training your family now to eat a healthier diet.