Daily Reading
Monday, August 31, 2015

Today you might feel very low, Taurus, though you may not have any idea why. Your life is going well, so there's no real reason for you to feel this way. Chances are that you saw something that triggered an unconscious memory without even being aware of it. Discern what it was and then release it. Find something to do that you love!

Important planetary aspects of the day:
Venus parallels Sun; Moon trines Saturn; Moon opposes Dragon's... Read More
Recommended attitudes/ strategies for the day:
Listen to what loved ones have to say regarding current situations;... Read More
Activities that are highly favoured:
Recruiting subordinate/ supporting staff for major projects;... Read More
Activities that are preferably avoided:
Surgery on the shanks; lending/ borrowing money; long journeys.... Read More
General numerological guidance for the day:
Caution should be the watchword in all that you do today; this... Read More