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Helping Your Partner through a Setback

There are many types of setbacks that can occur in our lives and when an event makes a drastic impact in our partner's life we want to do everything we can to help them through this difficult time.

Setbacks in life can come in many forms:

  • financial setbacks;
  • career setbacks;
  • health setbacks; and
  • personal setbacks that can all cause emotional turmoil in our lives.

As a caring and concerned partner, you should be aware of the issues your loved one is going through and be prepared to help them however you can.


Dealing with a Partner's Financial Setbacks

Whether you're in a relationship with shared assets or have your separate financial identities, a financial setback can impact both partners equally on paper and in person. Events like bankruptcy, business failure, and foreclosure are just a few types of financial setbacks that can distress your partner.

When finances become a burden in your relationship, it's important to understand your own connection to the problem. If your partner is worried about a joint financial issue such as an empty bank account you may need to sit down and talk with them about your mutual spending habits.