How to Get the Smoky Eye Look

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Brown eyes are the most common eye color, and they look great with just about any color shadow. You can try blues, greens, earth tones, or greys. Blue eyes look lovely with taupe, brown, or grey shadows. If your eyes are green or hazel, your eyes will be enhanced with warm amber-toned colors or purple/lavender hues. Because eyes can be a combination of colors, feel free to experiment with a variety of shadows to find out which look prettiest on you.

Harmonizing Other Makeup with the Smoky Eye

The smoky eye look is a fairly dramatic one. The rest of your face should be subtly enhanced so it doesn't compete with your glam shadow look. Pairing the smoky eye with bright red lips and apple-cheek blush will make you look way overdone and detract from the beauty of your eyes.

Your skin should be as perfect as can be to make your eyes pop. Foundation and luminescent powder can get you started on the right foot, followed by a light dusting of sheer peach or pink blush. You can finish with nude lip liner and clear or champagne gloss. It's that simple!