How to Get the Smoky Eye Look

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  1. Curl your lashes.
  1. Add mascara or false eyelashes. False eyelashes will add extra time to the smoky eye process, but they can enhance the look. You might want to use them for a formal event and/or if you have short or sparse lashes.
  1. Give yourself a once-over to assure that the eyes are done properly and match each other. Fix any mistakes and clean up any stray makeup with a cotton swab. You can now carefully add any under eye concealer, carefully avoiding your made-up lower lids.

Color Schemes for the Smoky Eye

The basic 2-color smoky eye commonly consists of a shimmery cream or silver shadow for the light base and grey-black for the defining shade. There are many variations on this scheme, making the smoky eye one of the most versatile and pretty shadow styles you can wear. For example, the brown smoky eye calls for a fawn base and a sable defining shade. There are also purple/violet and light/dark green combinations. Sometimes, the smoky eye palette calls for 3 colors instead of 2: a light matte base, a dark defining shade and a shimmer shadow that is used only as a highlight. Whatever color combination you choose, be sure it can be seamlessly blended and that it complements your eye color.