How to Get the Smoky Eye Look

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  1. Prepare the eyelids. The smoky eye look requires quite a bit of shadow and liner. It's important that it all stays in place once it's on. Smokey is sexy; the raccoon look is not. While eye shadow primer is optional, it can definitely set the stage for your shadow. If you don't have primer, at least have foundation and powder on your face before you begin work on your eyes. Save concealer for the end.
  1. Apply the liner to the inner rim of both your upper and lower eyelids. An eyeliner pencil with a smudging tip works best. Don't use liquid liner; it will create a line that will be hard to smudge once dried. A shadow brush dipped in dark shadow can be used instead of, or in addition to, the eye pencil for the lower lids.
  1. Smudge the liner on your lower rim by gently running a finger across it.
  1. Apply your light base color to the entire lid and on your brow bone. This light color will add shimmer and definition, and open up your whole eye area.
  1. Add dark color shadow. Start at your lash line and blend up. Also, smudge the upper eyeliner into the shadow so that there are no hard lines. Blending is key to creating the smoky eye look. Go for a "fade" effect where the dark color gets lighter as it reaches the brow area.