Picture Perfect: The Secrets to Looking Thinner in Pictures

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Not every picture can be a masterpiece. The odds are that sooner or later, someone is going to take a picture of you, and just as the shutter goes “click,” you’ll sneeze, blink, or catch a bug in your mouth. The hard truth: the only way to make sure you never look bad in a picture is to be ready to steal and destroy some cameras!

But what about those pics in which everything goes right, but the picture still comes out wrong? What about those pictures in which, no matter what the scale says, you appear to weigh ten pounds more than you really do?

Some pictures we can control, and some we can’t - we’re calling these “posed” and “spontaneous” pictures, respectively. Posed pictures give you more opportunities to look slim in front of the camera, but we’ve also got some tricks for psyching out the sneakier shutterbugs.[relatedarticles}

According to the popular saying, the camera adds ten pounds. With a little bit of attention to your wardrobe, makeup, and posture, and some creative posing, you can take those ten pounds back off, and drop another ten before you‘re uploaded to Facebook.

For Spontaneous Pictures

When it comes to looking a little bit thinner in all your pictures, think of the three Cs: clothing, color, and composure!