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Yoga Fashion Fad You Gotta Try: Lucy Hatha Capri Leggings

For the everyday world, the craze is leggings and jeggings and fitted pants (oh my!). Lucy offers us its take on this fad in a new version of their best selling Hatha yoga pant. The capris are fitted all the way from the hips to just below the knees, where they cut off.

The pant's dark color, low inseam and trademarked compression Lucy powermax fabric offers a slender silhouette. The nylon and lycra leggings are offset with 2 thin bands of color at the bottom. Choose from black pants with a black or freesia trim, or midnight navy pants with a Fiji blue trim. $68

Yoga Fashion Trend You Gotta Try: Lucy Hatha Power Skirt

Let's face it. Some girls are just, well, girly. If you fit this mold and want to maintain your über feminine style going to and from the yoga studio, this skirt's for you. It's also made in Lucy's trademark powermax fabric, and features 4-way stretch and flat-locked seams. A hidden feature: a handy pocket in the interior waste band, good for holding lip gloss, credit cards or a key. Go ahead, pop into a posture with it on (we just recommend you wear shorts underneath). $58

Sports Bra Saavy

Perhaps the biggest trend in sports bras right now is not to use one - at least, not in the traditional sense. Now, this doesn't mean you'll be working out with no support. Many tops now have built-in sports bras that provide optimum support and control. The only trick is to make sure you don't buy yours too tight in the bust area - remember, you still want to breathe.