Fashion Forward Fitness Wear

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For low-impact workouts, such as walking, or for everyday use, try the EasyTone. For you runners out there, there's the RunTone. If you're picky about color and design, go for a customized look on the Reebok website. $99.98 and up

Footwear Trend You Gotta Try: Vibram FiveFingers

While this item may not fit your conventional idea of "fashion-forward" - or footwear - for that matter, it's a hot fitness trend, nonetheless. Picture a shoe that fits as a glove, providing separation for each of your toes. Vibram FiveFingers give you that nostalgic sense of running barefoot as a child, while providing protection and gripping power with the shoe's trademark sole.

Wear Vibram FiveFingers for running, kayaking, and even rock climbing. These shoes have velcro straps that provide a custom fit, as well as some really cool prints and designs for girls and guys. This fitness trend is best for the outdoors sports enthusiast who wants to make a statement. $80

Yoga Fitness Fads

Yoga clothes offer some of the most innovative varieties of fashion forward trends, with fabrics that can be converted to everyday active wear. From loose-fitting cotton blends to tight-fitting trademarked threads that wick moisture, inhibit odor and move with your body as you stretch, you'll probably want to wear these clothes even after you've come out of final savasana. To stay up-to-date on yoga fads, look for dark fabrics offset by a small pop of color, and even Beverly Hills-based guru Bikram Choudhury with his Rolexes and spandex would be proud.