Designer Purse Discounts: How to Get Them

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When it comes to designer purses, one thing's for sure. Most fashion-forward womenn want one. But not every fashionista out there can afford one.

Designer purses typically have a few things in common: They're gorgeous, have classic lines and feature superior quality, which allow for plenty of of use. Their price tag, though, may make your eyes pop. Luckily, there are some options out there for those of us with expensive tastes but average budgets. Whether it's online, at outlets or in unassuming retail stores, there's something out there for all of us. And who knows? Maybe you'll have enough left over to get a wallet too.

Where to go:

What they offer: Finally, a site that caters to the trend-conscious spendthrift gal who can't commit. Rent designer handbags by the week or by the month. This way, you'll always be up on the trends but with a smaller price tag to boot. If you find a style you absolutely love, wait for the website's special sales, where you can peruse their purses for steep discounts, some as much as 70% off.

Browse by designer (Chanel, Gucci, Cole Haan and many more) or shop by price. Bags such as the Fendi "Giant Chef" tote are $51 and up a week, a steal, considering it retails at Neiman's for a staggering $1,150. Some everyday bags are even less expensive, like the Clay Hobo Handbag from Donald J. Pliner which is just $12 per week.