5 Autumn Fashion Trends to Fall For

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Break out the Boots

What’s better than hearing the crunch of fall leaves under a pair of stylish new boots? Ankle boots are a staple of fall footwear and designers are constantly bringing out more tailored styles that make you wish boots were a year-round thing (and who says they can’t be?).

Boots can go with pretty much anything, from your favorite comfy jeans to a flirty knee-length skirt. Wearing boots as often as possible help give them that broken-in, seasoned look; so, start early to make sure your footwear is fashion-ready. InStyle magazine pointed out that the classic cowboy boot is a hot trend this year whether high- or low-rose, and edgier designs with studs or embroidery are the way to make your feet a focal point this season.

Give a pair of classic ankle boots a jazzy lift with some quirky socks peeking out the top. Whether you go for a funky print or an outlandish neon color, your socks can add a fun burst of color to your more toned-down fall items.

Suit Up for Fall

Cooler fall weather is perfect for breaking out the pantsuit. This year, skip the solid black and blue styles and go for a contrasting black-and-white duo. Try a tailored white jacket with a pair of tight-pleat black pants. Paired with a strappy pair of heels - because heels are in style no matter what the season - and you’ll have a sharp look that stands out among other jazzy patterns seen this fall.