5 Autumn Fashion Trends to Fall For

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Your favorite scarf, that ultra-soft cashmere sweater and those boots you got on clearance last spring are all ready to come out of the closet for the fall season!

The fall fashion season is upon us and that usually brings to mind darker colors and warm fabrics to pair with the cooling weather. Some styles like knit sweaters are classics that continue to make a comeback, but there’s always some new fashion trend to check out as the leaves begin to turn.

Get ready to slip off the summer styles and fall into autumn dress with these top 5 wardrobe essentials.

Sweaters and Tops with a Twist

Don’t let the name "sweater" conjure up pictures of silly holiday prints of mistletoes and snowmen. The classic sweater is getting a makeover with artistic graphic prints that ditch the dorky holiday cross-stitch and go for artsy, edgier designs.

In a recent fall fashion review, Vogue pointed out that designers Christopher Kane and Jonathan Saunders loved pairing funky, knit sweaters with tailored skirts as they sent their models down the runway. The best part of this look is that you probably already have the right pieces in your closet to make this classy but cool style on your own.