10 Shoe Styles to Kick to the Curb

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  1. Gladiator Sandals: What was fine in moderation has exploded into an epidemic of mythological proportions! Like the previously mentioned fleece-lined boots, the main problem with gladiator sandals is that they have become too ubiquitous. and when the straps get so complicated that it takes 15 minutes just to slip into your casual summer wear, you know your footwear has gone the "costumey" route.
  1. Cheap Flip-Flops: They are the ultimate in casual easy-to-wear summer slip-ons. But these inexpensive little rubber sandals offer zero arch support and no protection for your poor battered tootsies. We know you're saving some cash in terms of summer footwear, but consider the long-term trade-off in healthcare costs. Unless you want to help finance your podiatrist's summer home, say goodbye to cheap plastic flip-flops year-round.
  1. Platforms for Kids: Some women have trouble walking around in platforms, so why put a kid through the same torture? While they may seem like a cute idea-particularly for celebrity moms who love to dress up their darling kids for the camera-your little girl is much better off in a pair of classic Mary Janes or sneakers. Save the platforms, high heels and backaches until they have at least 16 candles on their birthday cake.